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Volume 1 Issue 3


The Relation Between Vertimec Resistance in The Two-Spotted Spider Mite,Tetarnychus urticae and Climate Changes in Egypt.

Author: Rania Ahmed Abd El-Wahab and Thair Mahmood Taha


Abstract: Pesticides resistance in Tetranychus urticae is a phenomenon which caused by many reasons. One of their causes is the exposure of highly levels of UV and CO2, which could play an important role to get a resistant field strain. The Vertimec ,a pronounced miticide , LC50 of the laboratory resistant strain which maintained under selection pressure till F40 and the resistant field strain in comparable with susceptible strain were 2099.38,200.01 and 50.822 μLL¯¹ ,resp. Field studies through 2011,2012 and 2013 showed that initial kill percentages of T................Read more


Plant derived smoke - the magical seed sprouted: A view from traditional to recent advancements.

Authors: Qari Muhammad Imran and Sajjad Asaf


Abstract: Fire, an important ecological factor was considered to play a vital role in stimulating seed germination in traditional farming before later discoveries. Some scientists were interested in heating effect while other in ethylene compound released during burning to be responsible for stimulating germination. Plant derived smoke is an emerging field of great interest for many scientists due to its striking effects on germination, seedling growth, leaf area, photosynthetic capacity and flowering. It can be directly applied to seeds or plants in aerosol or aqueous................Read more


Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Reduce Vertimec, Resistance in Tetranychus urticae (Koch).

Author: Dr. Rania Ahmed Abd El-Wahab and Vojislava Bursic


Abstract: The system based on light emitting diodes (LEDs) controlled by Arduino microcontroller could play an important role in the steadily reduction of Vertimec resistance in adult females of Tetranychus urticae. The resistance ratio of vertimec resistant strain gained after 30 selected generations (VERT30), recorded 34.81-, 36.84-, 39.76- and 72.30- Folds, resp., of Vertimec, Chlorpyrifos, Fenoxyprimate and Propargite. White LEDs decreased multiple resistances more than Blue LEDs in (VERT30). The inheritance mode of Vertimec resistance..................Read more


Short Review : Statistics and Different Departments of Food Industry.

Authors: Md Ramim Tanver Rahman, Yuxia Tang, Qiangwei Wang and Nabil Qaid M Al-Hajj

Abstract: In food science research, the recording and analysing the date from food science experiments is complex. Statistical methods are applied to study food processing, sensory quality, quality control the industry. There exists misunderstanding that statistics is viewed as a difficult subject. In this review article, the applications of statistical procedure in food science research have been discussed. The discussion of statistical analysis application in food science will cover new food product development, food sensory analysis, food instrument analysis................Read more



Author: B M S Hossain, Vet DR. A S M S Hossain Potuakhali and Dr. Raihan Ali


Abstract: During the last 5 to 6 decades antibiotics have been used in an increasing amount in the field of poultry production. Antibiotics are used for treatments and as growth promoters. Now-a-days there is an increasing demand to produce antibiotic free poultry and livestock. For this purpose in my experiment the chickens were fed Probiotics at the first day before providing them any feed. In the case of Probiotics (T1) treatment the Probiotics mixed water at a dose one gram (2x 109 CFU/gm) probiotic powder with four litter water were provided to them for eight hours at the first day. Then from the 2nd day to the 8th day they were provided at the same dose in the morning...............Read more