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International Journal of Chemical & Biological Sciences (IJCBS) provides excellent platform for research paper publication. IJCBS is an International Journal which is devoted for the all research and technological improvement for the purpose of knowledge enhancement. Our journal includes all type of chemical, biological and technological research.

World-Class Publication

We provide grounds for research in the hot-shot fields of Animal Biotechnology, Agricultural, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Bio Nanotechnology, Bio Medical, Biotechnology, Biophysics, Bioprocess, Engineering, Cell Biology, Clinical Studies, Food Technology, Environmental Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology, Immunology, Metabolic Engineering, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Plant Biotechnology, and Applied Sciences. Researchers can easily access research paper, review papers, mini-review papers, scientific short notes such as articles, abstracts, thesis etc.

Global Dissemination


International Journal of Chemical & Biological Sciences (IJCBS) disseminates and preserves literature to meet the information needs of the world’s present and future authors, researchers and scholars.

Innovative Tools

International Journal of Chemical & Biological Sciences (IJCBS) develops electronic tools that demonstrably improve the productivity and outcomes of those we serve. we are dedicated to helping them make a difference.
It is a peer review journal which serves the academic and industrial communities with peer reviewed coverage of all the fields chemical, biological, Pharmaceutical and technological research. IJCBS is a chemical and biological-disciplinary journal that brings together all the varied aspects of research that will ultimately lead to the interest of chemical and biological sciences.




1. Subject Specific Journal: Dedicated to all chemical and biological sciences oriented subjects and research.

2. Rapid Publication Process: Our publication process generally takes only 15-20 days for a manuscripts publication (research papers, review papers, mini-review papers, scientific short notes such as articles, abstracts, thesis etc.).

3. Quality Review Process: The main aim of or quality review process is to maintain the quality of our published manuscripts under IJCBS standards.

4. E-Publication: Articles are published electronically in our journal.

5. Indexed Paper abstracts: Paper abstracts are indexed by all major scientific indexing services.

6. E-copy Certification: E-copy of certificates are provided to FIRST author.